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Hello, thanks for stopping by.

We are Bella and Louis, a little (ALOT) naughty but we mean well.

We attend a lovely school, on a Monday morning we’re not so keen on it but once there we don’t want to leave. Our school PTA needs to raise some money so that we can buy equipment and go on school trips so Mum has come up with the idea that we can raise money with social media and so our webspace was born, any monies gained will go to the charities that we have chosen so far which you can find out more HERE.

Please Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and Mummy will update you how we get on. If she has programmed this right there should be the links to our other social accounts at the bottom of each post.

In our spare time when we are not driving Mum insane we like to help with the caring for our rescue hedgehogs that we took in late summer as they had lost their Mummy, we have a dog called Zak and soon to have some rescue kittens.

Mum is going to put together some articles and free or donation downloads whilst Bella and I play and enjoy ourselves in-between helping Mum raise some much needed funds for those less fortunate than ourselves. Our Virgin Money Giving page can be found HERE.

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