Meet Our Family


Cheeky chappy! Tells the most amazing stories with his vivid imagination. Has a natural talent for creating and singing his own songs. His smile is infectious and he loves to act up to an audience and make feel smile.


Complete Diva! Often clashes with Louis but loves him dearly. Stubborn and resilient with a passion for drawing and anything sparkly or Unicorns. Often has staff meetings with Louis and toys to discuss private things that Mum can’t know about – apparently!


Creator and engineer, loves machines and tinkering. He’s the man behind MNR Sportscars as well as other projects. Kids love Dad time and ‘helping’ in the workshop especially if it involves the quad or tube bender.




Creator and instigator of the Bella and Louis fundraising idea to allow them to help others in need. Doing this they learn great life values and even though they are already super little people I think they can achieve great things to benefit others. 


Loveable, didn’t inherit his breeds brains though and has no clue how to behave. Brilliant with the kids not so good to birds and just barks and barks and barks some more. Loves cuddles, fuss and stealing food when you’re least expecting it or turn your head for a moment too long.

3 Foster Hedgehogs

Taken into foster care late Summer 2018 as their Mum had gone. Found wandering our lawn covered in fly eggs at 3 weeks old. We have called them Henry, Grumpy and Leria. Not big enough to survive hibernation this winter so camping out at ours till Spring.