Celebrity Help

This is where ALL you amazing celebrities will appear – hell yes I’m positive. All you need to do is hold a piece of paper saying you support www.bellaandlouis.com and send the picture to mum@bellaandlouis.com which will be uploaded here in a gallery. If you could tweet the picture and tag #bellaandlouis1 that would be great, we understand how busy you are though.

Of course we would love you to donate the item of clothing that you are wearing in the picture for an online auction we want to have NYE or around that date or if you want to do a quick video with another item you want to donate then that would be fabulous!

Let’s prove anything is possible and that a 5 and 6 year old can make a change to a number of different groups of people and animals if they put their mind to it.

Much Love Mum xx