Yes Mum is nuts and driven so she has this bizarre and crazy idea that she can change the world, or make a change at least as changing the world means they may come at her to be Prime Minister or Mayor and she’s not really feeling that.

However the more followers and reach we get the more chance we get with the people that follow us to do something great.

If Bella and Louis Grandma was still alive raising a huge amount of money for charity would be easy as she was in the TV line and knew so many famous people over her time. She was friends with Alan Whittaker and filmed with ‘The Fonz’ who was probably the most famous person I could relate to from him being such a icon when I was a child. She knew many more famous and influential people but didn’t want to talk work when she was home, she was sadly taken away from us too soon and left a massive hole but I’m sure she would be smiling down on us knowing we were looking after the wildlife and trying to do this for charity.

Tiny Tim – Bella hasn’t done as good a job as you here but it’s rather funny the response and she had so much fun so was a great evening prank calling people. (Please be aware that prank calling anyone in the emergency service is not OK and we will not condone or participate in such calls).

Other people I am going to pester and if you like and share like I keep repeating (sorry) we can influence these people to help us.

I’d also just like to add that the photo for this post is a free stock image and Mummy is not a werewolf!

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