Greatest Auction Ever

One of my favourite quotes by Steve Jobs is ‘The people crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the people that do’. Bella came up with this idea after I talked her through the video of the Banksy painting that was shredded. She had many questions, after a run down of who was who and what an auction was her brain was ticking away. Not long after she came down with a few toys that she thought she could auction – none of the toys were hers though she had ransacked Louis room and was quite happy putting his property up for auction,.

Mum is thinking big here, so celebs be warned! We know many of you do amazing things for charity but can you spare an extra moment or two to wear an item of clothing briefly on cam and whip it off and send it to us? We’d prefer not to have your stinky sicks though! Cardi B we’d like your shoes if you still have a pair, don’t worry it won’t go for DNA testing or be held as evidence.

Banksy – Bella would like a draw off! Guys reading this if we get huge following we may actually manage this though. Of course to protect Banksy identity I understand this will have to be done via some secure network or untraceable Facetime call.

Gordon Ramsey – it seems my angelic child has a potty mouth as he knows it winds me up so maybe a collaboration is in order – in fact I’ll send him to you for a week to learn to cook if you’re up for it?

No one is safe but hey it’s for a good cause, and as much as the target I set is huge if we had only a handful of celebs behind us we could smash and even double of triple it easily. I’m not some crazy stalker, if can all be done via the net and would just take you a few moments to create a quick video with link. There is so much hate in the world – time to share the love like Louis.

I can’t make that happen without you guys sharing and following so we have the influence though.

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