Social Media

If you didn’t already know, the more followers we have the more chance we have of raising money.

This is where you guys come in and the more you share and ask people to follow the more chance we have of gaining advertising money.

Not only will you be helping to raise money but hopefully (as we are a competitive breed) many others will follow suit.

People are making a fortune through social media if they focus and put the work in, I am willing to do that for a good cause and help teach Bella and Louis the value of giving. I’d love to except toys and gifts for children who have nothing at Xmas or any other time. I’d love them to take a trip to a famine community and see how some children struggle to survive however due to regulations and paperwork we can only raise money through a set route like Virgin Money Giving so you as the public can see where your money is going and the admin is taken care of so that Mummy here can keep marketing the cause.

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