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As much as we would love to start our own charity there seems to be a heck of a lot of legislation and paperwork involved so the easiest way Mum found was to work with a partner and support existing charities in the hope that the money goes directly to the source. It would be ideal if we could follow the progress of money raised through the system, document and show you through the website that it really is getting to the end people or animals that we want to help. We will ask access to this information and hopefully be able to keep you updated.

We chose to register with Virgin Money Giving which you can access our page HERE even if you only have a pound to spare every little helps.

The charities we initially want to start with are:

The Wildlife Hospital Trust – as we have fallen in love with hedgehogs of recent hence having three in our kitchen which are too small to survive the winter hibernation so will be with us till Spring.

Cats protection league – another 3 little visitors (feral kittens) we have at present with no home and need to be cared for so we have fostered them.

Meningitis Now – close to home with Louis having suffered at such a young age.

Disasters Emergency Committee – earthquakes, wild fires, tsunami’s, terrorist attacks and many more issues that cause horrendous pain for people across our world which we would like to support and help as much as we can.

Gordon Ramsay Foundation – supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital where thousands of children are treated each year.

There are so many people less fortunate then ourselves and so many animals that need help but we were only allowed to pick 5 on the Virgin site for now. If we gain support and reach our target each charity will receive 200,000 & gift aid which would be fantastic as a start. Mum has a very positive outlook (crazy to some people).


— Bella And Louis

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