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https://bellaandlouis.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/matt-collamer-555626-unsplash.jpghttps://bellaandlouis.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/matt-collamer-555626-unsplash.jpgOur School Fundraising

Of course we still have a massive focus on helping the 5 charities that we chose and will continue probably past when Mums fingers start bleeding from typing every night when we have gone to bed as ‘she’s on a mission’. With the media launch of Viking Autolease a company which supplies personal and commercial vehicle hire that Mum is helping with, the fantastic and exciting new race vehicles of MNR Sportscars plus the promotion of the rural retreat at Holly House Cottages Mum has got quite a bit to get through when she still has to feed us plus hedgehogs and rescue kittens.

However main focus for now has shifted from the charities temporarily (or possibly companies can support both 😉 ) to school PTFA Christmas Raffle and trying to source items from our community to make the raffle appealing for folks to enter. We’ve already had an amazing and very generous donation of a luxury hamper and gift voucher from Pure Skin Labs a local company to us. Our local pub has given a meal and our local garage has donated a free MOT.

We have an amazing Gin company a few miles away from our house and a water company owner a few doors away which will be this weekends targets in the hope that a small donation for the raffle will mean that we can reach a wider reach rather than just the immediate school audience, reaching a wider group we have more chance of raising the necessary funds we need for our small yet amazing school.

If you are reading this by purely following us on Twitter or Facebook means that the kids will start having more of an influence and with social media the way it is these days companies many want to help their cause as their support with be publicised through this site and our social channels.

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

— Bella And Louis

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